Lean4 Stool

Lean 4 stool har en barsits av formpressat trä, kläs i textil eller läder. Underrede i metall och med fyra ben.

  • Sits i formpressat trä.
  • Klädd i valfritt tyg och läder.
  • Underrede i metall, svart eller vitt.


650 mm
750 mm
820 mm
Svart (metall)
Krom (metall)
Vit (metall)
Vikt 8 kg
Bredd mm
Längd mm
Diameter mm
Höjd mm
Sittbredd mm
Sittlängd mm
Sitthöjd mm
Armstödshöjd mm
Tygåtgång m
Volym m3


Daniel Enoksson

Daniel Enoksson Studio was founded in 2008 and is situated in the heart of Stockholm. Since the beginning the studio has always had a strong belief in the collaboration between the client and the design studio, with a main purpose to create a meaningful value for both the user and producer. The studios works with a creative approach to each project with an essential purpose to create a durable and timeless result in an ever changing market. Day to day work at the Studio contains working with Industrial design projects, interior assignments both private and public. Also by applying the knowledge to teach others about design and how to use it. More info about Daniel Enoksson

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