Verner bord

Som tillval till Verner soffan finns det minimalistiska bordet med plats för mobilen, kaffekoppen eller varför inte champagneglaset?

  • Skiva av svart nanolaminat, vitpigmenterad asklaminat eller svart desktop Linoleum.
  • Stativ i svart metall. 
  • Beställ höger eller vänster placering.
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Vikt3 kg
Bredd260 mm
Höjd600 mm


Lars Hofsjö

With a background in industrial design, now combined with the art of furniture design, Lars Hofsjö creates pieces with an extra dimension. It’s furniture based on ideas so bright they will enlighten any public space or home. The modern, multifunctional design reinvents many traditional concepts, giving interior design new possibilities. The concept behind Rumbler is to bring out the very essence of every piece. You will find that in the design there are functions that makes the product not only beautiful, but also well adopted to today’s flexible lifestyle. The ability to use a bookshelf up-side down is one practical example, the table with shelves designed for remote controls and magazines is another

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