Den elegante stolen Portia kan brukes som konferansestol eller som et estetisk blikkfang alene. Trekket omslutter elegant den tynne 12 mm rørrammen og gir stolen et unikt utseende. En komfortabel lenestol som også kan stables.

Det svenske designfirmaet Superlab har et godt blikk for detaljer, noe polstringsarbeidet på Portia er et godt eksempel på.

Testet i henhold til EN16139:2013

  • Sete og rygg i formpresset tre.
  • Trukket med stoff eller lær fra vårt brede sortiment.
  • Understell i metall, svart eller hvit.
  • Kan stables, 6 stk.
Bredde mm
Lengde mm
Diameter mm
Høyde mm
Seat width mm
Seat length mm
Setehøyde mm
Armrest height mm
Stofftilgang m
Volum m3


SUPERLAB is an experimental design laboratory, an ongoing project. Their main focus is to look into the future of office design and the interior of tomorrows work environment. They design, develop, create, disrupt, innovate and refine products, services and organizations through research and experience. *** The Story Superlab started 2012 as a research project between designer Niklas Madsen and a psychology student from Lunds University. The goal was to study the effect of playing at work and how it impacts our meetings and daily tasks. What is the effect of adding play to your ”serious" business? The combination of practical know-how of designing exceptional offices and the scientific research of human behavior turned out to be an exciting mix. The interest in the project and it’s research continued to grow. Superlab the company was founded in 2014 as an experimental design laboratory with the main goal to study the future workplace and the furniture design of tomorrow. During 2016 Superlab gathered all of their knowledge, collected research studies and started the journey of writing a book -”Playful office, the future office philosophy that will turn employees into emplayees". The philosophy of Playful Office was developed by doctors, scientific researchers, psychologists, interior designers, product developers, artists, architects, philosophers, horticulturists, computer technicians, nerds and programmers with many years of experience. The book is therefore not a wild guess or some random prediction. It is a meticulously compiled collection of research, observations, interviews and a lot of experience. Scientific research and Superlab’s own experience point in the same direction. There is a revolution right now in the world of work. New values and knowledge are making fundamental changes and how we approach it. The employee are now the focus when planning an office or drawing a new pice of furniture. Soft factors, like interpersonal contact, psychological well- being and play are considered increasingly important. It is with this knowledge Superlab is designing for the future…

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