Kanskje tok Newton feil, spesielt når vi ser på David designs nye speil Newton, en balanseakt. Den talentfulle unge designduoen Bonpart i Wien har skapt denne opplevelsen som opphever tyngdeloven. Speilet forblir nemlig nøyaktig i den posisjonen du ønsker. Fås i to ulike størrelser med oppheng i lærbånd.

  • Speilglass.
  • Lærbånd i svart eller konjakk.
  • Diameter 280 eller 500 mm.


Bonpart is a Vienna-based furniture and product design studio led by Lukas Gstöttner. The studio has taken part in several national and international exhibitions. In-depth research, project development and prototyping in various materials is done at the own, professionally equipped workshops and in cooperation with a strong, local network of artisans, experienced craftspeople and engineers. Technical feasibility for mass production or handcraft is part of the creative design process and a source of inspiration. The design is routed in history, comments the zeitgeist and always aims towards the future while consciously dissociating from trends and the search for the "new" as a self-sufficient value. Visit

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