About us


Who we are. What we do. How we do it.

We embrace individuality and refuse to follow the norm by challenge the status quo. We strive for something beyond the ordinary. We create so that you can express your own style, attitude and unique personality. With us, you can stand out from the crowd, put the icing on the cake, own something for generations, and showcase your own personal style. Every detail has a thought and every part has a function. We have refused to compromise for 30 years and have no intention of starting now. That’s our promise.

David design was started in 1988 by former pop star and DJ David Carlson in Malmö. Founded during a time when Scandinavian design was experiencing a second wave of global attention, David design helped revive the spirit of Scandinavian design with a fresh and modern feel. In 1998, they made headlines when they exhibited in ‘Living in Sweden’ during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. This exhibition became a milestone in the history of Scandinavian design. Despite David Carlson leaving the brand 15 years ago, the company has continued to flourish, with a clear commitment to quality, functionality and sustainability. Today, David design is an international brand, but true to its Scandinavian heritage, with products designed by some of the world’s top designers. The company’s vision, as formulated at the end of the 20th century, still stands strong: smart, conscious and modern design that is both functional and durable.

Around this time David Carlson posted a statement:

”The millennium is closing in. The next one calls for new furniture with higher demands both for living and working. Quality in design, function and durability is paramount. The keywords are smart, understated, conscious, humane, comfortable and modern.”

David Carlson

Nothing is left to chance, nothing slips through or is carelessly lost. If we’ve made a promise, we keep it. In design, in materials, and in sustainability. David design is annoyingly nerdy in our pursuit of uniqueness. Tiresomely persistent in our focus on the iconic furniture. And completely madly unyielding in our quest to deliver what we deem acceptable. The best.

“Nowadays, David design is a well-established international brand whose followers are looking for iconic, functional and durable furniture and accessories.”

Håkan Nilsson, CEO

Now, years later (and well into the ‘next millennium’), David design remains true to that vision. Today David design is a well-established international brand with followers that look for iconic, functional and sustainable furniture and accessories. The work of some of the world’s leading designers are included in the collection – Claesson Koivisto Rune, Luca Nichetto, Nendo, Inga Sempé and Richard Hutten. David design is still based in Sweden. The main focus today is the contract market, including hospitality. But like Scandinavian Design has always promised, it sits equally well at home.