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What we offer besides iconic furniture

Digital tools such as 3D visualization and BIM objects have revolutionized the purchasing process, especially in the construction and real estate industry. These tools offer a host of benefits that simplify and improve the entire procurement process for various stakeholders, including architects, designers, builders and real estate developers.

With smart digital tools you get:

  1. Better visualization and design understanding
  2. Better understanding of the product
  3. Reduced risk of errors and changes
  4. Effective basis for communication
  5. Increased efficiency
From 3D to reality

We design your environments with furniture and decor from our large toolbox of well-designed premium products. In this way, we bridge the gap between vision and reality. Since we take care of everything from visualisation to installation, you don’t need to co-ordinate multiple suppliers. With our direct approach and clear dialogue, you’re involved every step of the way until our interior designers put the finishing touches to the project.

BIM Objects

BIM Object is the world’s largest digital content management system for BIM objects and plays an important role in architects’ every day work. A BIM object can be described as a digital copy of a produced product and can be used in drawing environments in the design process. Our presence means that architects and engineers all over the world have access to David designs products in the early phases of designing new products.