The eternal talk about sustainability

Sustainability is so important to us that we have chosen to include it in our core values. We call it ETERNAL. We know it sounds big, but we truly believe that our design should last forever.

David design stands for furniture and furnishings that are not temporary. They are created to withstand times and trends. Sustainable materials combined with a design expression that should last, each icon is manufactured to be able to go through generation to generation. Timeless aesthetics and well-thought-out manufacturing ensure that each piece of furniture retains its status for decades. Probably more.

If you don’t believe us, we can increase our credibility with the fact that several of our products are labeled by Möbelfakta. In fact, we have an entire sustainability organization behind us that ensures that we, our suppliers and partners actually live up to our core value and that it does not just stop at a boring cliché. We have seen enough of them over the years.

A sustainable and controlled supply chain

For David design, long and close cooperation with suppliers has been an important point since the company was founded. Quality, fair conditions and functioning collaboration have always cost a little more. We carry out regular supplier visits and where necessary third party audits. Since 2021 the work for a sustainable supply chain has taken on a new dimension, and the work has been restructured in that Götessons now declares products in Möbelfakta. We view the coming requirements of legislation regarding sustainable supply chains positively, and prioritize this area in our organisation. 

David design production is completely customer order driven and almost all products are manufactured according to the customer’s wishes. The range of textiles is not fixed as at Götessons and AM Acoustic; all textile choices are made by the customer. Generally, however, well-known European textile suppliers are chosen. David design production takes place in its own premises in Ulricehamn, and components, and in some cases finished products in the range, are manufactured by subcontractors in Sweden or northern Europe. All assembly, quality control and packaging is carried out in-house. 

Of our purchases come from Swedish local suppliers. That we are proud of.

As a determined rebel, nothing is left to chance. Therefore, we would like to proudly present the sustainability report that David design is part of. Our parent company Götessons Design group has done a solid job with this report, which we recommend you to read in peace and quiet while sitting in a Toad.

Read our latest sustainability report here

Come as you are

The employees of David design are our most important resource. Happiness, well-being, equality and development are and have always been top priorities for the company. With us, the inclusion of people is an important issue where we work according to Agenda 2030’s goal 10 “Reduced inequality”. The starting point is to be a socially sustainable company that ensures reasonable justice for generations, both today and in the future.

A safe and responsible partner

David design strives to be the industry’s most attractive company to work with and for – this is our vision. It is important for us to always act responsibly in our business relationships, both internally and externally. Basically, it is about having trust in us as a company, where we value ethics, morals, fair conditions and good business practices. It must feel right to work with David design.