T.able Bench

T.able, so simple and so smart. A range of tables and benches for out- and indoor use without limitations. Made from T- section as a base for this versatile range of tables and benches. With an stability and unique performance.

  • Plank in massive cedar wood in 2 boards.
  • Base in 30 mm T-profile, galvanized.


Weight14 kg
Width400 mm
Length1 800 mm
Height460 mm


Pearson Lloyd

Pearson Lloyd, a design duo based in London, is well-known for their impressive expertise and versatility in the world of design. With a solid background and outstanding creativity, Pearson Lloyd has established itself as a leader in both industrial design and architecture. Their work is characterized by a unique ability to unite form and function, where each creation is not only visually appealing but also practically and innovatively designed. The duo has gained recognition for creating design solutions that meet the needs of today and the challenges of the future. By focusing on user experience and integrating sustainability principles into every project, Pearson Lloyd has not only received acclaim on a national and international level but has also succeeded in creating a clear identity for their work. Their design philosophy goes beyond the aesthetic, with a belief that each creation should enrich people's lives and environments. Pearson Lloyd has collaborated with prominent brands, and their works have become prominent features in exhibitions and events worldwide. This duo continues to inspire and push the boundaries of what is possible in design, and their contributions have left a mark on the industry, changing how we perceive form and function.

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