Everything is the same, yet nothing is alike.

We have taken a decision. We will never compromise. Never.

It’s time for us to become the role model and icon creator we are and have been since 1988. New logo and website in all its glory, it is the tip of the iceberg. Behind all of that you will find sharpened ambitions, realization of strategies and a huge focus on our strengths.

Whether you’re a loyal fan of David design or if it’s the first time you’ve read about us, we want to say hello and introduce ourselves again! Maybe you notice that we have a new logo, or maybe not. Maybe you see that we’ve taken some new pictures. Or maybe not. Basically, everything is as it always has been. But it is time. Time to let David design be seen as the historical predecessor we are and have been since 1988.

In the middle of unruly bangs, wide shoulder pads, and the scents of Jane Helen, David design was born. Founded in 1988 by the former pop star and DJ, David Carlson, in Malmö. Established during a time when Scandinavian design was experiencing a second wave of global attention, David design contributed to the revival of the spirit of Scandinavian design with a fresh and modern feel. In 1998, they made headlines when they exhibited in ‘Living in Sweden’ during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. This exhibition became a milestone in the history of Scandinavian design. Despite David Carlson leaving the brand 15 years ago, the company has continued to flourish, with a clear commitment to quality, functionality and sustainability. Today, David design is an international brand, but true to its Scandinavian heritage, with products designed by some of the world’s top designers. The company’s vision, as formulated at the end of the 20th century, still stands strong: smart, conscious and modern design that is both functional and durable.

The web, everyone loves a strong comeback
October 26, we launched new David design. With a new website where our true identity will shine. We give you a complete new look, better usability and if you look behind the surface, several improvements are found on the product pages. For example it’s now possible to download BIM files on several products and overall it’s much easier to navigate through the assortment and find similar products within the same series. This is the beginning of a new era for David design.

Download the pressrelease as a pdf